Do you believe in fate? Do you think it is fate that has brought you to read this website to know more about the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation?

It was fate that brought me to participate in the establishment of the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation. I met Professor Raymond Liang and his wife during my son's music lessons with their daughter. Professor Liang and his wife were planning to organize a foundation for blood cancer patients at the time and I joined in by helping them find helpful personnel through my network of previous work relationships. In fact Mr Joel Chu, my ex-colleague, is now one of the committee members of the Foundation. Having Joel as member of the Foundation has been particularly meaningful since he is one of Professor Liang's former patients and a living example of someone who has overcome blood cancer. Mr Yee Chung Man, also an old friend of mine, was instrumental in helping me find Ms Chan Po Chu to become the Foundation's Honorary Ambassador.

We hope to organize two to three charity events each year to raise funds in the following four areas for the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation"

One Support medical research projects on blood cancer
Two Support technological developments to provide early and accurate diagnosis to blood cancers
Three Support the rapid introduction of effective and advanced treatment for blood cancer, and prevent delay due to limited public spending on hospital services in Hong Kong
Four Support the provision of better support services to patients and their families - looking after their socio-psychological needs is a precious thing.

What can you do to help smooth the road for those in need?